In half, it tore, from guts to throat. As relic
Echoes fleet, her sound, puny brain
And fuse with the gnawing of stale thew. Arctic
Eyes bore her chest. She lain in wane.

It’s dark, jagged nails- impaled her dry cutes,
Gullet clutched; her palms up, jaded corpse.
Astir exhales, creep up her rachides,
Fleeing it’s muzzle like the passing of minutes.

Enlive’n the stage, glare’n her reflection,
Soaking her cavity with his carnal reason.
She howls at the rising of redemption.
Spawning bane from the impasse depression,
From which, on four, I rose- to heal; Absence
Of love that murdered her very existence.

Mimesis: a philosophical and critical term in Ancient Greek for “to imitate”; The act of expression or the presentation of one’s self.

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